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3D Virtual Events

3D Virtual Events

Discover our virtual events with 3D holographic effects and reach new markets.

3D Virtual Events: The new PixelDREAMS Videoconferencing system that turns your PC into a TV set with Holograms.

Pixeldreams has a software system in the cloud that allows the integration of 3D holographic models within platforms such as zoom, meets or twitch. The application allows you to turn the desktop environment of any computer into a small television set for holding Corporate Events through holograms and interactive virtual models. Speakers are captured through their own webcam and "teleported" into a virtual setting. Presenters can talk to each other in real time and share documents of any format. The broadcast of the event can be followed through platforms such as: zoom, teams or twitch.

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Virtual Events

At Pixeldreams we create immersive fictional worlds to make your events a memorable experience. Virtual reality applied in the world of events (Virtual Events) will allow you to streamline the remote presentation of your products / services and take them to the next level: Our showrooms and virtual sets allow the remote broadcast of your products, both live (streaming 360) or pre-recorded, to mass audiences and anywhere in the world".

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What are virtual events?

Pixeldreams creates custom virtual worlds inspired by the company's industry in order to impress your audience. Virtual events are a very impressive solution for the presentation of 360º streaming content or even remote virtual training.

Through a simple web link you will be able to take your audience into an imaginary world where users will be able to walk freely and examine your products interactively (corporate virtual show room). We will agree with you the appropriate path through "hotspots" or easy-to-follow interactive points in order to correctly transmit the "storytelling" of your products. Our imaginary worlds always end in a virtual set that allows the live or deferred broadcast of any type of multimedia content: videos, animations, audio, etc., including massive audiences with no limit on attendance. All with the aim of making your events a memorable and differentiating experience.

360º streaming

Live broadcasting has established itself as a resource to connect millions of people at times of greatest social distancing. 360 streaming is our greatest ally for holding virtual events where we can connect live with our audience. Pixeldreams has created a service known as "vr 360 streaming", which goes beyond a simple live transmission: It consists of live transmission but through virtual reality glasses and in an immersive environment - 360º surround.

What events can be made virtual?

Any type of event can be virtualized. There are different formats and always depending on the objective established in the communication, whether it is aimed at companies or individuals: Virtual Fair, Virtual Conference, Virtual Presentation, Virtual Training or Virtual Meetings.

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Virtual Fair

Pixeldreams designs and programs virtual environments to reproduce the functionalities of a fair environment, where exhibitors and participants from the same sector interact by voice and text in a 100% corporate way.

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Virtual Conference, Workshops, Seminars:

We have a virtual reality format for events that consists of presenting avatars or virtual presenters inside virtual auditoriums simulating holographic teleportation. The surprising effect is achieved through chroma systems that can be installed permanently or temporarily in any company and are viewed through any type of mobile device.

Sectors such as the audiovisual and musical sectors have welcomed it with great enthusiasm to simulate the teleportation of musicians or in order to revive famous people. Today it is already possible to attend a virtual concert that allows its musicians to play remotely on a virtual set, being the best solution to reach mass audiences.

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Virtual Product Presentation

A very powerful tool that companies use to show their products on the Internet is through product simulation, integrating 3D models into virtual environments. Basically, the function of a virtual catalog is to be able to inspect the products in 360º and imagine how they would look in space before being purchased. Our virtual catalogs can be hosted on any type of Internet domain and can be downloaded from any browser.

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Virtual Training

Virtual education enables interaction between the actors in the educational process beyond limitations such as distance or time, allowing self-regulated learning and offering collaborative work spaces through virtual rooms, which facilitate cooperative work and joint reflection between students and teachers. , even if they are physically distant. The paradigm of 'virtuality' or 'assisted education through virtual reality, allows generating new and better ways of teaching and learning, to meet the needs that today, demands the new knowledge society, a critical, analytical, intuitive and innovative.

Virtual Meetings

We have a specific format for creating virtual meetings that consists of connecting the speakers through avatars inside virtual rooms (metaverses). It is an augmented reality system by WEBRTC that allows two-way communication via IP voice and in real time. To visualize the result it is necessary to download an app and the final result obtained is very similar to a holographic teleportation. We use chroma systems that can be installed permanently or temporarily in any company and are viewed through any type of mobile device.

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Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a live event that combines physical and digital elements to allow attendees to participate regardless of their location. Hybrid events can be meetings, training courses, workshops, conferences, fairs, seminars and any other type of event that can be organized in the business world. Events that combine the virtual reality experience with the space or physical environment are an opportunity to expand the reach of the event, and reach your community or those who could not attend remotely.

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Virtual Educational Escape Room

Through the use of their own mobile devices, students will be able to cross a virtual door or portal and enter the reality of a virtual educational escape room enriched with interactive content. This is an application developed by Pixel dreams that allows you to walk into a fictional space created to measure, for example: a painting, an art gallery, a museum, and interact with the objects in the room. It allows to integrate a game system based on questions and answers.

The model is a 3D model that, synchronized with the gyroscope, allows a 360º visualization of the environment. To develop a virtual educational escape room, it is important to know the age of the audience and previously define the learning objectives. The cases to be solved must be chosen and organized within the context of the virtual experience.

How to organize a virtual event?

Before organizing virtual events<, we must be clear about what objective it has, who it is for, and how it will function. It is clear that we must first decide, what kind of virtual event will we do? Is it done from a company or from a home? Does it use only virtual reality or is it hybrid? Is it required to hire a virtual set with chroma?

Interactive 3D virtual events have been the order of the day since 2020, a process that was accelerated by the recent pandemic, and which has normalized being able to connect remotely via the Internet to carry out most of our work or training tasks. But from Pixeldreams we intend to offer much more innovative and impressive formats, such as the possibility of having interactive and 3D elements integrated inside the virtual set itself where the event takes place. With this we can achieve really professional and high quality finishes.

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Virtual set through Chroma

The virtual set is the star product par excellence of our virtual events. We have various formats of sets that can be adapted and personalized with the corporate image of your company. We will provide you with the appropriate training and a computer program that will allow you to turn your environment into a virtual space where you will manage the content to be displayed and the times of each presentation. The classic green or chroma background is an essential element to be able to create realistic backgrounds that seem to interact with the virtual environment.

Service for development of virtual events

If you do not have experience as a programmer or 3D modeler, we recommend you develop the virtual event with professionals from the sector. Pixel Dreams is a technological event communication company specialized in the virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D animation sector.

Software for Virtual Events

We have a computer application in desktop format that will allow you to convert the desktop environment of your computer into a small studio for carrying out events. You yourself will be able to manage the content that is going to be displayed and when to shoot the different content to your audience. For this, it will be necessary to install a small studio with a green or chroma background, in your company as an essential element to be able to integrate the participants inside the virtual set. If you have specialized programming knowledge in the animation sector, renderings for architecture or 3D modeling, you have the development of virtual events at hand.


- PHASE 1: Script and Storytelling: We think of the best stories and ideas and develop them to turn them into encompassable and professional projects. We create the content script in collaboration with you. In this phase it is essential to design a good storytelling.
- PHASE 2: Storyboard: We capture the script on a storyboard. It is the correct way of exploration to better develop the idea and have the ideas in perspective. We will introduce you to the storyboard before you start modeling or animating in 3D.
- PHASE 3: Animatic: After capturing and structuring the idea, the next step is to make an animatic. It is a kind of prototype or animation draft to verify that the desired effectiveness is being achieved.
- PHASE 4: Modeling, texturing, Lighting and Animation: With the animatics clear, we begin the production itself: The design begins to be outlined to polish details and shape the animation. In this phase we will give you preview images of each animation keyframe so that together we can check the quality of the work before its completion.
- PHASE 5: Rendering, assembly, sound and post-production:
- PHASE 6: Delivery: We prepare the 3D animations in any required format, to be exhibited on the Internet, Congresses, Fairs or Exhibitions with the highest levels of quality, with or without voiceover if necessary. We have all the necessary experience to carry out your project.

ASK US FOR A QUOTE: Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of 3D animation: from the concept and idea, through 3D modeling, texturing and animation of the contents, to its final distribution and publication. Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of customized projects. Write us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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Areas of Application and links of interest:

  • Virtual Architecture and Interior Design.
  • Industrial design and machinery.
  • Medicine and Pharmacy.
  • Product and Advertising.


  • Attracting new consumers and increasing loyalty to the establishment.
  • Customer Experience: Creates value from the emotional and relational perspective with customers.
  • Branding Marketing: Brand positioning and creation of notoriety.

  • e-commerce: Chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Contests and collectibles geolocalitzats.
  • Activations and loyalty programs.
  • Geo Hunting: They allow a geographic segmentation of the target audience.
  • Social mitjana: Encourage recognition through the RRSS
  • KPI's: Allows the management of metrics, kpi's and the measurement of results.

Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of customized projects. Write us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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