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Application Design and Development

Application Design and Development

We develop augmented reality and virtual reality applications for your business.

At Pixel Dreams we design fully customized applications, adapted to the commercial and business objectives of your company.

Thanks to augmented reality and virtual reality, we develop cutting-edge apps ready to be implemented in sectors such as: architecture, industry 4.0, telemedicine, education, marketing, virtual events.

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App Development and Design Services

We are a digital marketing company specialized in the application of 3D visualization in the world of business computer applications, both for mobile devices and Desktop Applications. We help companies to communicate better by creating custom 3D visualization tools, such as interactive Catalogs, Simulators, Product Configurators, 360º Virtual Tours, and lately by creating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications.

Development of custom apps using technologies from the video game development sector that adapt to any business sector: Architecture, Interior Design, Industry, Product, Education, Medicine, Leisure and Tourism, etc. Our 20 years of experience in the sector, They have led to the development of their own methodology to design your app with the look of your corporate identity, totally personalized and that fits your business model.

Gamification with Augmented Reality

Gamification with augmented reality is a technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the professional and educational field in order to achieve better results, either to better absorb some knowledge, improve some skill, or reward specific actions, among many other objectives. . This data can help us to identify the interests and behaviors of these users and design highly personalized offers to attract or retain them. Among our portfolio of services are virtual Photocalls or Geolocated Augmented Reality.

Benefits of augmented reality applications for your business

Augmented reality offers many benefits to increase a company's sales, but the main one is undoubtedly to offer the user an improved and 3D experience of their product.

Other advantages and benefits of augmented reality applications for a business are the following:

  • Increase interaction with your audience and grow the value of your brand
  • Loyalty to your community by creating emotional bonds
  • Capture new users or customers with the AR platform
  • Improve understanding of the workflow and optimize processes
  • Save costs and increase the value in user experience (UX)

Success Stories in Development and Design of AR Apps

We have had the opportunity to work with large companies, making augmented reality applications for companies such as FUNDACIÓ LA CAIXA, SEAT, or the UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA with different commercial purposes. Here are two success stories:

Augmented Reality application through geolocation for TV3

Pixeldreams designed a virtual Pet that was geolocated by 400 businesses scattered in the cities of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Badalona. The activity of this augmented reality application with geolocation consisted in allowing the public to hunt for virtual Nadal figures. The location and activation of the same, was a key element so that families and the little ones could go in search of the 'tions' hidden and exchange the prizes obtained inside each store.

In short, it was a promotional Street Marketing action for the 2020 / 21 Christmas campaign with the aim of attracting the family audience and helping local / retail businesses during the pandemic. See Augmented Reality application with Geolocation.

Book with Augmented Reality for Editorial Servet

Pixeldreams designed and programmed an augmented reality book for Editorial Servet. An international success marketed to 15 countries, bringing AR technology closer to the veterinary education sector specialized in cardiology. The book offers the possibility of studying 3D models of hearts and different fully interactive virtual elements. See Book with Augmented Reality.

Discover our App Development and Design projects


  • PHASE 1: Script and Storytelling: We think of the best stories and ideas and develop them to turn them into encompassable and professional projects. We create the content script in collaboration with you. In this phase it is essential to design a good storytelling.
  • PHASE 2: Storyboard: We capture the script on a storyboard. It is the correct way of exploration to better develop the idea and have the ideas in perspective. We will introduce you to the storyboard before you start modeling or animating in 3D.
  • PHASE 3: Animatic: After capturing and structuring the idea, the next step is to make an animatic. It is a kind of prototype or animation draft to verify that the desired effectiveness is being achieved.
  • PHASE 4: Modeling, texturing, Lighting and Animation: With the animatics clear, we begin the production itself: The design begins to be outlined to polish details and shape the animation. In this phase we will give you preview images of each animation keyframe so that together we can check the quality of the work before its completion.
  • PHASE 5: Rendering, assembly, sound and post-production:
  • PHASE 6: Delivery: We prepare the 3D animations in any required format, to be exhibited on the Internet, Congresses, Fairs or Exhibitions with the highest levels of quality, with or without voiceover if necessary. We have all the necessary experience to carry out your project.

ASK US FOR A QUOTE: Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of 3D animation: from the concept and idea, through 3D modeling, texturing and animation of the contents, to its final distribution and publication. Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of customized projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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