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Proyects: Augmented Reality Apps

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Projects: Augmented Reality Apps

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Augmented reality

Discover the benefits of augmented reality for your company with Pixel Dreams

Today's consumers are no longer like those of a few years ago. They are not just looking to buy a product, but to live a unique experience. This evolution has generated new market trends that force companies to seek new ways to reach these consumers.

This technology is already within the reach of all types of companies, and we can find it applied in many sectors of activity: Architecture and Interior Design, Industry 4.0, Advertising and Marketing, Tourism, Electronic Commerce, Archaeological Restoration or The education.

Augmented Reality Projects

01. Augmented Reality Photocall

We create memorable 360º experiences for your audience. We immerse viewers in a personalized virtual environment. We design customized virtual Photocalls for your virtual event, where animated graphic elements are integrated, such as logos, mascots or special effects. It is one of the most disruptive mobile marketing tools to date. The augmented reality photocall generará un gran impacto emocional en tu audiencia potencial y te ayudará will generate a great emotional impact on your potential audience and will help you create brand awareness. It is the ideal marketing tool to viralize content through social networks. Below we present one of our best interactive photocalls integrated in the environment of a shopping center and for one of our clients: The Caldea Thermal Center, in Andorra.

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Virtual Photocall for Chaldea

On this occasion, augmented reality gave life to a mascot created to measure to announce the expansion of the thermal center facilities. A little mermaid emerges from the pool performing a pirouette to stand next to visitors who take a picture. This photograph allows you to obtain a discount by sending an automated promotional code. See Augmented Reality Photocall Project | Chaldea

02. Street Marketing Games

We design and program street marketing games focused on the geolocation of pets or 3D models in any environment. These projects are conceived and designed to impact your potential audience and with the aim of interacting with your brand and product, promoting the virality of your brand. You surely know the augmented reality app, Pokemon Go. We develop mobile marketing strategies by activating "mascots" or "custom 3D models" at strategically geolocated points, allowing the promotion of products and team building actions for your business.

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App Street Marketing with Augmented Reality

For Christmas 2021, we carried out a street marketing game for the Santa Coloma de Gramanet City Council and the Badalona City Council, where children and adults from all over the town could go out into the street to virtually "hunt" Tio's de Nadal. These 3D Models appeared integrated within the urban fabric of the city.

Nadal's uncle is an endearing element of Catalan rural culture intended for the youngest members of the family. It consists of hitting a tree trunk while humming a Christmas song. The trunk in question deposits gifts after being hit. Due to the state of the Pandemic, our "Tió de Nadal" delivered the gifts virtually, through an App to guarantee physical safety separation. This augmented reality experience was broadcast during the TV3 news. The project was financed by the merchant associations of the two cities with the aim of promoting local and proximity commerce during the last Christmas campaign. See Project App Street Marketing with Augmented Reality | Santa Coloma de Gramenet

0.3 Remote assistance in Augmented Reality

Distance and time are no longer excuses or impediments to being able to offer an efficient virtual remote assistance service. Our solution adapts to the characteristics of each company and allows the increase in the productivity of your SAT team, while notably improving the user experience. Industrial remote assistance in augmented reality plays a key role for Industry 4.0 companies. Our solution enables remote presentation of business products and services. It also allows remote training, remote maintenance of equipment, simulation of occupational hazards and much more.

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Augmented Reality Service in Remote Assistance

Our customized solution allows any mobile device to work remotely, in a fun and effective way, signaling and marking directions for AR operators in real time through interactive 3D models, even using IP voice. This will facilitate the understanding and resolution of complex tasks. Thanks to remote assistance with real increases it is possible to save time and improve communication between technicians and the service center. Resolve conflicts wherever you are by guiding your actions using AR markers in real environments. The perfect interactive solution for industry 4.0, but also for the medical sector through live broadcasts. See Remote Assistance Project in Augmented Reality

0.4 Educational Escape Rooms in Augmented Reality

The experience economy is the dominant trend in today's educational world. We develop augmented reality applications based on the experience and emotional impact of the user, bringing education to a younger audience through the gamification of content offered by AR..

augmented realityaugmented reality

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Escape Room Service with Augmented Reality

We develop augmented reality applications to bring education to an increasingly demanding audience through high-impact immersive experiences. Our value proposition is to offer a dimensional portal through which you can walk and interact with objects in the environment. A fascinating virtual world implemented to measure through Augmented Reality. The fields of application in the educational field are multiple, being able to apply this technology in: art galleries, museums or virtual tourism. The 3D model is synchronized with the mobile device's gyroscope and accelerometer and allows the user to visualize the 360-degree environment. See Escape Room Service Project with Augmented Reality

0.5 Augmented Reality applied to Education

The experience economy is the dominant trend in today's educational world. We develop augmented reality applications based on the experience and emotional impact of the user, bringing education closer to an increasingly young and demanding audience. Augmented reality applied to education has enormous possibilities for development, especially for training purposes both for students and for teachers themselves: Imagine being able to walk inside a painting, observe a 360º sculptural work from the sofa at home , or the power to "teleport" the student into the interior of an industrial piece to experiment with the mechanism of internal action. All this enlivened and expanded through the use of high-resolution 3D graphics, as well as associated audio, text and video.

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"LaCaixa" Foundation and Augmented Reality applied to education

We present a clear case of success in terms of the application of augmented reality in the educational sector by CosmoCaixa (LaCaixa Foundation). An itinerant educational project where we were able to reflect the way of thinking and working of Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions to fly or navigate. Devices that Pixeldreams was responsible for reproducing and gamifying, giving life to these devices. All of this was made possible by an AR mobile app. See Project Augmented Reality applied to education

0.6 Video game development in Augmented Reality

A video game based on augmented reality is a video game genre characterized by the use of the superposition of different types of information on the real world. There is currently a new technology integrated into most terminals on the market that allows the detection of surfaces, which makes it easier to develop video games that interact with real space: Walls, floors, ceilings, or tables become an integral part of the video game which allows to give it a new dimension and raise them to a new level. Now users can fight against their favorite fighters on the street or participate in battles against armies at the table of the house. Everything that happens, happens in the real world. The possibilities are endless.

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See educational video game

In the FMCG sector, Augmented Reality games can also be marketed and disseminated through the inclusion of AR markers, for example through "tatoos" or stickers, inside promotional items or the packaging itself. All with the aim of offering experiences with "WOW effect" and memorable moments. We designed an activation for LA LIGA adapted to promotional marketing and virtual events. We specialize in creating augmented reality applications to create emotional bonds with your audience. We are professionals in 3D animation and immersive reality.See Project Development of video games in augmented reality

0.7 Advertising in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been a great advance for the advertising sector, using smartphones as a tool, merging advertising with entertainment. Impressing the consumer is increasingly complicated and the usual advertising formulas seem to have already been exhausted. AR offers multiple possibilities to reach a specific ctor, who demands to be not only a consumer of the campaigns, but also a participant in advertising. The advertising game creates an environment that connects the customer with the product. The user wants to touch, feel and fully immerse themselves in experiences instead of just imagining them. The trend for this type of campaign is constantly growing due to the great impact it has on the target audience it is aimed at. Augmented reality advertising covers very broad concepts, from making animations with 3D characters, to 3D infographics, to making interactive AR applications to create interaction with the target audience.

realidad aumentada qué esaugm

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Advertising spot in 3d repsol

From Pixeldreams we can make the products of a catalog in augmented reality come to life and have movement through information and interaction with the user, as if they were true 3D holograms. We create your animated AR projects in high resolution, both for companies and agencies as well as for individuals. Repsol's commitment to energy efficiency was translated into a 3D animation where a total of 85 company employees shared the brand's processes and value chain with all the visitors. We made 3 augmented reality applications for the occasion, immersing your audience in a fully interactive experience. See advertising spot in 3d repsol

0.8 Augmented Reality Catalog

Using this type of technology, pixeldreams converts the printed support of a paper catalog into a bookmark that, after being scanned, projects increased information about the product itself. Thanks to the augmented reality catalog, the products come to life to interact on a real scale with potential customers. It is a cutting-edge tool that offers great competitive advantages for sales teams and allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The RA allows to show videos in 3 dimensions, texts, audios, downloading documents, notably enriching the product and thus obtaining a real and emotional experience prior to purchase. The seller in many cases will avoid unnecessary returns. Discover the benefits of the interactive catalog for your business!

augmented appaugm

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See Catalog with Augmented Reality

Our solutions integrate multiple possibilities such as the visualization of textures and details in high quality, assembly instructions in RA or even the custom configuration of different finishing solutions. (product configurators). We present an augmented reality application made for Doublet Ibérica through the use of Smartphones, which allowed viewing the entire range of company products in 360º. See Augmented Reality Catalog | Doublet

0.9 Books with Augmented Reality

Increasingly, technology complements the traditional reading of a book. Thanks to augmented reality technology (RA or AR in English) the characters and settings of the books come to life, allowing the reader to interact with them and live the stories that are told, which ends up allowing a unique hypermedia experience. We are at the beginning of a new way of enriching textual content.

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Books with Augmented Reality

Increasingly, we will see how publishers and authors propose new formulas, especially aimed at the educational sector, in which to syncretize different technologies and formats such as 3d holography and, thereby, allow virtual learning experiences. We present this project ar carried out for the Servet publishing house, where a book on veterinary cardiology comes to life through augmented reality. A product intended for the educational community and translated and distributed in 15 countries! See Books with Augmented Reality Augmented Reality | Servetus

Discover all the projects we have done to date at Pixel Dreams. We take care of designing, programming and marketing augmented reality experiences for the marketing departments of all types of companies. These are experiences that capture the user's attention and that we integrate to form part of the Branding and Marketing strategy itself in events, company presentations and social networks.

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