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Proyects: Design and App development

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Projects: Design and App development

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Are you an agency and have a project?

App Design and Development

We develop your virtual reality or augmented reality application for your business

Immerse your audience in virtual environments and interactive metaverses through our augmented and virtual reality apps. We create free navigation environments and scenarios through the use of 3D animation and virtual reality technology. In short, we help you create emotional bonds so that you retain your customers.

Our AR applications favor the fusion of virtual elements with real elements found in the user's own physical environment. The floor, the furniture or the walls become the framework where the action takes place, as if it were part of a video game. From Pixeldreams we integrate all kinds of 3D infographics or Virtual Twins of products that interact with the user within these environments.

01. Augmented reality in architectural spaces

Augmented reality in the world of architecture and interior design has the ability to place a virtual element in a real space, offering the possibility of viewing a piece of furniture to scale, changing its color and finishes, having an assembly assistant or its maintenance, or even interact with the object to make its purchase. From Pixeldreams we can anchor any type of additional information on any part of the 3D model, even with 3D animations.

1.1 Project for SEAT in RA

Augmented reality application developed with Apple's Arkit for SEAT points of sale. Thanks to it, users can improve the shopping experience with SEAT. This app allows you to create a kind of virtual dealership in which the user can walk into the vehicle, configure different options and even interact with the virtual model. Among the options available to you is changing the color of the vehicle, choosing features and equipment or even manipulating the radio or lights.

See project for SEAT with Augmented Reality

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1.2 Project for: LA CAIXA FOUNDATION - Leonardo da Vinci

Traveling exhibition project organized by CosmoCaixa as a discovery experience of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions. The assignment consisted of applying AR technology to bring to life the Inventions of this great Renaissance creator through 3D animation.

Ver proyecto Da Vinci para CosmoCaixaSee Da Vinci project for CosmoCaixa

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02. Augmented reality project with geolocation

Geolocation augmented reality offers the possibility of geographically locating our audience. It allows us to activate virtual pets or 3D animations at specific points in the city, covering the commercial objectives of the business.

2.1 Street Marketing App Project for the CITY COUNCIL OF BADALONA

We developed an interactive app of augmented reality by geolocation which TV3 echoed. The objective was to capture Christmas 'tions': Pixeldreams created an animated virtual pet whose users had to "hunt" thanks to the GPS functionality of their own terminals.

See App Street Marketing project.

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03. Augmented reality project on images

Augmented reality for images consists of converting any image into a marker. A marker allows the terminal to place a 3D object and detect its three-dimensional position in real time.

3.1 App Project for Promotional Marketing - THE MINIONS APP

Pixeldreams creates for the promotional marketing company BONUS, an Augmented Reality app for the promotion of ice cream in Italy with the help of the MINIONS License. Pixeldreams created this App in 2018 to promote ice cream using augmented reality. The objective of Pixeldreams was the creation of an App that allowed children to collect stickers and tattoos that, after being scanned on the skin, would launch carefree animations of the Minions mascot.

View Minions.

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3.2 Augmented reality app project for Novartis RA

Interactive podium project with Solutions for the treatment of psoriasis through an augmented reality app with interactive cellular models through 3D design.

See augmented reality app project..

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3.3 Catalog with Augmented Reality - DOUBLET IBÉRICA

During 2021, the pace of digitization in homes and businesses has accelerated. If your company continues to work only with paper, the time has come to virtualize your interactive augmented reality catalogue. Below we present a virtual catalog made for Doublet Ibérica. The 3D application allows the projection of virtual events, offering the possibility of viewing the products in the catalog in 360 degrees.

See catalog with augmented reality.

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3.4 Virtual Event through Augmented Reality - REPSOL

Pixeldreams action consisted of providing information on Repsol's value chain through three Augmented Reality Apps through the use of 3D animation: industry processes, the use of oil and its derivatives, as well as the commitment to efficiency energetic.

See Virtual Event project with Augmented Reality..

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04. Augmented reality in education

This technology has a wide range of possibilities for education. We have had the opportunity to develop different augmented reality apps focused on industry or training sectors.

4.1 Educational books through augmented reality - CARDIOLOGY FOR SMALL ANIMALS

Interactive cardiology book thanks to augmented reality for books. Project developed at Pixel Dreams for 'Editorial Servet'. Through this book, veterinary students can better understand heart disease in small animals by interacting with 21 3D models. An international bestseller edited for 15 countries.

See educational cardiology book.

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4.2 Educational Games and Virtual Scape Room for NATURGY

Augmented reality games are a very attractive tool to capture the attention of the younger public. In 2019, Pixeldreams developed this 3D educational game for the energy company: Naturgy. The game consisted of a "virtual scape room" with questions and answers about the best "practices" for energy saving in the domestic and residential environment.

See 3D educational game.

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4.3 Architecture Renderings for NATURGY

Pixeldreams made interior renders for the well-known energy company NATURGY: An educational project for high school students in "Virtual Scape Room" format through the use of Virtual Reality and enriched with 3D animations. The students could travel inside a typical house and visualize the best energy efficiency solutions in the home environment.

virtual escape room for Natural Gas.

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05. Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual reality has been shown to increase the attention span and retention of students, being a great ally in the education sector. To develop a Virtual Reality project in the educational field, it is essential to develop attractive 3D content oriented to the ages of the target audience.

5.1 Team Building project with La Liga

The educational project Futura Afición is an itinerant school project carried out using virtual reality techniques and aimed at students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school. During their participation in the project, the students have an immersive experience that allows them to visualize the problem of violence, inappropriate behavior in soccer, and learn strategies to combat it by putting the positive values of sport into practice. It is a virtual reality project in education prepared by specialists and teachers.

See Virtual Reality in Education.

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06. Virtual Reality in Medicine

The healthcare industry is beginning to use virtual reality in many areas, especially to offer higher quality care to both patients and medical professionals. Virtual reality allows from surgical preparation, through remote diagnosis or distance training (Telemedicine). Virtual reality in Medicine also allows simulating 3D scenarios to implement therapies to treat all kinds of phobias: Eating Disorders, Stress, Mobbing, Vertigo, Public Speaking, etc.

6.1 Sysmex Virtual Space

Sysmex Spain S.L. is a subsidiary of Sysmex Europe GmbH specialized in in-vitro diagnostics. Founded in 2010, it focuses on cancer diagnosis. Today it is among the leading medical diagnostic companies in Europe and a world leader in hematology diagnostics and services. The work of Pixeldreams consisted of creating a virtual reality application by reproducing a 3D virtual space (Virtual Showroom) that allowed interaction with 4 teams in a fair environment.

See virtual space Sysmex..

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6.2 VR Application through Virtual Therapy - VRPHARMA

Virtual therapy project carried out for VR Pharma, the first Virtual Reality (VR) solution designed for use in hospitals with the aim of improving the patient experience during medical procedures. Pixeldreams' mission was to design and program the virtual reality application with the aim of reducing the patient's anxiety levels and pain perception. An innovative and easy-to-use system by the management of hospital centers.

See vr application for Virtual Therapy

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7. Little Worms AR Application

Headquartered in Manresa (Barcelona), Bonus is a pioneer company in the development and production of toys in the food industry sector aimed at children. With a production plant of more than 10,000 square meters and a team of more than 60 people with the most modern production and packaging technology in Europe, Bonus is capable of producing and packaging long promotional campaigns with all the guarantees.

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Pixel Dreams and interactive applications

We make all kinds of interactive applications: from the first concepts and ideas, designing the virtual models, texturing and animating the 3D elements. Finally, we take care of its distribution and final publications. We are specialists in adapting augmented reality and virtual reality projects for all types of businesses, 100% personalized corporate experiences. Tell us the idea to develop your customized project.

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Examples of Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

Geolocation augmented reality is the most sophisticated form of geolocation marketing (also called location-based marketing). From Pixeldreams we create digital marketing actions taking into account the exact location of the user. With them it is possible to segment our messages in specific places, knowing where our potential consumers are. We create augmented reality apps for Android and IOS, tailored and prepared to "shoot" said 3D content through any smart device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

Virtual Reality (VR) Application Examples

Virtual reality applications have proven to be key competitiveness tools for sectors such as education, medicine or architecture. Although it may not seem like it, virtual reality is not a new technology. Years ago, gigantic equipment was needed, today, on the other hand, we have glasses that offer us a superior experience and at a very low cost, being able to be connected to a simple computer or even to a mobile phone.

4.4 Virtual Reality in Architectural Spaces

The competitive advantage provided by virtual reality applied to architecture is the possibility of appreciating and valuing the functional character of a space before it is built, with the consequent cost savings and prevention of design errors. A VR application applied to the real estate world also allows you to speed up the marketing process since it allows you to attract future buyers before the real estate development is finished, being a complementary tool to real estate marketing. Below we show a highly immersive virtual reality project carried out for Naturgy.

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