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E-learning Web Platforms

E-learning Web Platforms

We develop platforms for distance education, communication and training through 3D visualization.

We implement 3D visualization in the world of education. A 3D infographic or an interactive video allows to attract the attention of the students and diversify the pedagogical process. The use of gamification in the educational area facilitates the commitment of students, since it uses a familiar and attractive language for most of them.

What is an e-learning platform? An e-learning platform is a virtual space that simulates a classroom and allows the teacher and students to connect and have an experience similar to what happens in school, university or any type of teaching environment. E-learning platforms are also known as educational platforms or LMS platforms, which means, Learning Management System or Learning Management System.

 E-learning uses technology, the Internet and all the tools in the online world to make possible the transmission of information necessary for a student to learn the content of a subject remotely. For example: Virtual teaching allows pilots to practice flight without the need to fly or doctors to perform virtual surgeries and have a more complete view of some organs reconstructed in a virtual way, which would otherwise be impossible.
Virtual teaching is one of the teaching modalities that is currently growing the most, since it has many advantages for students and also for teachers.  

  • Arouse the curiosity of the students. 
  • Stimulates healthy competition.
  • They connect people: Virtual teaching allows people from various parts of the world to learn together by removing geographical barriers.
  • Attractive prices: The prices of distance education are more attractive: it is possible to study without having to invest a lot of money.
  • Time flexibility: Studying online gives the student more flexibility, who can carry out activities at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.
  • The teacher also has more flexibility and can broadcast the same video lesson to thousands of students 
  • It allows the realization of online evaluations.
  • Provides reports on student participation.

Strategies for effective gamification:
  • plication of tests: Divide the course modules into phases, with specific goals that the student must achieve to pass to the next level.
  • Create a game environment with an exclusive and immersive design for users by using  3D infographics and Videos.
  • The student assumes a character within the class and must tell a story, have objectives, rules and a bit of fun, as in a real game.
  • The student must solve the problems in a playful way, while learning to apply what he learned theoretically.


1 - See examples -  Virtual Showrooms: By using a mobile device, the user can cross a virtual door or portal and enter another enriched parallel reality such as an art gallery, or a museum and interact with the objects. The model is a 3D model that synchronized with the gyroscope allows a 360º visualization of the environment.

2 - See examples -  Books with Augmented Reality: By using a mobile device, the user can scan the pages of a book and interact with its rich content. Images and images come to life, emerging as holograms from the pages making the content much more attractive. 

3 - See examples - Games with Augmented Reality:  Pixeldreams makes gamified educational games using the best video game techniques, making the messages and content much more attractive to the younger audience by being gamified.

4 - See example - Augmented Reality by geolocation:   Pixeldreams carries out creative street marketing activations consisting of the creation of geopositioned educational games very similar to Pokemon Go. 


- PHASE 1: Concept and Storytelling: We think of the best ideas and develop them to turn them into comprehensive and professional projects. We create the script of the contents in relation to the training program of your center and in collaboration with you. 

- PHASE 2: Flow diagram: We will distribute all the contents of the future app on a flow diagram to analyze correct user navigation: (usability). We will present the flowchart to you before starting any programming or content creation phase. 

- PHASE 3: Prototype: After having distributed all the content in the flow diagram, the next step will be to make a functional prototype to verify that the desired effectiveness is being achieved. 

- PHASE 4: Production: After the validation of the prototype, we start the production itself: The graphic design and 3D content begin to take shape and the final appearance is given to the App. In this phase we will give you preview images of all the content so that together we can check the quality of the work before its completion.  

- PHASE 5: Publication and distribution: We prepare the virtual configurator in any required format, to be exhibited on the Internet, Congresses, Fairs or Exhibitions with the highest levels of quality. We have all the necessary experience to carry out your project.

ASK US FOR A BUDGET:  Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of the experience: from the design and animation of the content, to its publication and distribution in market places (Google Play & Applestore). Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of tailor-made projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info
Best-selling online courses niches:

  • Education.
  • Health and sports.
  • Personal development.
  • Business and career.
  • software
  • Spirituality
  • Finance
  • Gastronomy.
  • Fashion and Beauty

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