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Industrial 3D Catalog

Are you an agency and have a project?

Industrial 3D Catalog

  • Industrial design
  • Machinery Design
  • Graphic Interface Design
Are you an agency and have a project?

Pixel Dreams Projects

PixelDreams develops an interactive catalog for "Osmotic Zero".

Grupo Corsa is a Barcelona company founded in 1974 specializing in the design and manufacture of its own water purification equipment.

Its osmosis systems seek to soften and ozonate water and are designed to eliminate the daily consumption of plastics, detergents and chemicals that pollute the environment. As the launch brand indicates, the new Osmotic Zero series guarantees the elimination of bacteria and viruses but above all makes use of 100% of the water.

The company contacted Pixeldreams to request the development of a 3D (interactive Digital Twin) product presentation that would allow the sales team to effectively explain the internal water purification flow as well as the technology associated with each component. The objective also consisted of being able to carry out remote training for the teams in charge of maintenance and filter change.


The Interactive Catalogs that Pixeldreams makes allow us to explore the interior of the equipment in 3D through the well-known "interactive exploits". We have a 3D Modeling service that allows us to visualize and isolate each component in 360º, which allows us to integrate 3D presentations, as well as renderings and 3D animations.
Development of an interactive catalog for "Osmotic Zero", the new and sophisticated Reverse Osmosis water treatment system from Grupo Corsa.
— Alex Mas
  • Improve understanding of the product and service: Increase interaction with your audience and grow the value of your brand. Loyalty to your community by creating emotional bonds. Acquire new users or customers. Increase the value in user experience.
  • Remote Maintenance: Voice-guided processes through Augmented Reality for training or remote maintenance of equipment. (telecare) Avoids the displacement of experts.
  • Training: Voice-guided processes through Augmented Reality for the training and training of technical operators. (telecare) favoring the best assimilation of content.
  • Document repository in the Cloud: Centralized technical documentation repository linked to all team components: materials, parts, methods and quality control.
  • Cost Savings: Minimize errors and intervention times. Avoid the displacement of experts.
Industrial 3D Catalog
Industrial 3D Catalog
Osmotic Zero
  • Industrial design
  • Machinery Design
  • Graphic Interface Design
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