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Laguna Cuyatlán

Are you an agency and have a project?

Laguna Cuyatlán

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Are you an agency and have a project?

Pixel Dreams Projects

Pixeldreams recreates a future container port in Mexico in 3D.

Idom engineering entrusts Pixeldreams with a virtual model of 842 hectares for the construction of a new commercial port in Laguna de Cuyutlán, Mexico.

Manzanillo is a Pacific port and tourist city, located in the Mexican state of Colima. It is located between 2 bays: Manzanillo and Santiago. In 2012, Manzanillo was consolidated as the main Mexican container port and number 5 in Latin America. The new 842-hectare area already has a navigation channel and operates a natural gas terminal.

Pixeldreams' commission consisted of showing the expansion and optimization of the port's industrial activities and improvement of traffic conditions in the city, modeling the following infrastructures in 3D:
A future specialized container terminal, a multipurpose terminal, 1 mineral or agricultural bulk cargo terminal, 1 car terminal,
the expansion to six lanes of the Pez Vela - Jalipa highway, and a 74-hectare logistics activities area with 7 import modules and a railway tunnel.
With almost 900 hectares of project, the technological challenge of the project was to prepare the scene so that its management was viable and to obtain optimal rendering times.
— Alex Mas
At Pixeldreams we always try to be at the revenge of the technique and incorporate the new technologies that arise with the aim of achieving constant improvement in our visualization work as well as in the service we provide to our clients.
Do you have in mind the realization of a presentation, go to an event, fair or showroom? Let us help you make your project innovative and with a quality beyond doubt. Our team will create the best photo-realistic virtual environments for you.
Laguna Cuyatlán
Laguna Cuyatlán
Get to reach your customers in an innovative way: Pixeldreams also carries out experiences using Virtual Reality technology. We advise you throughout the process of creating your experience in virtual reality and also in the final section of selecting the hardware you are going to use. We put at your disposal an advisory team that will offer you different options and alternatives.
At Pixeldreams we always try to be at the forefront of the technique and incorporate new technologies that arise with the aim of achieving constant improvement in our visualization work as well as in the service we offer to our clients. We are working to bring increasingly efficient 3D visualization systems to the market.
Thanks to the advanced 3D surveying techniques existing today with the realization of 3D scans and photogrammetric flights using drones, we can simulate the integration of a future infrastructure within the real location of the terrain. We offer virtual tours (in some cases interactive), of your infrastructure projects, urban developments, and many other resources.
Our team of 3D modelers, 3D animators and VR programmers will complete any project related to the construction and presentation of 3D infrastructure projects, buildings, urban planning, topography, as well as civil buildings such as homes or shopping centers. We can recreate using 3D modeling techniques, spaces that have not yet been or built.
Presentation of port infrastructures 3d
  • Info arquitectura 3D
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