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Metaverse and Web VR 360

Metaverse and Web VR 360

Develop your immersive website, fully interactive navigable worlds with Web VR 360.

We design and develop personalized metaverses for all kinds of events, businesses or companies. Our virtual worlds are a great opportunity to capture your audience and target audience.

We create interactive web pages with professional finishes and integrations, whether for your company's products or services. Totally immersive virtual worlds where users can navigate freely thanks to this innovative cutting-edge technology. At Pixeldreams we create interactive web pages based on 3D visualization that allow you to explore 360° immersive virtual environments (metaverses) through a mobile or desktop browser.

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Metaverses and Web VR 360

We expand the interactivity of users by integrating chat systems by voice, text and interactive virtual animations with the aim of impacting your audience and creating emotional bonds with your target audience. A VR 360 website will allow you to create a navigable virtual showroom with your products and integrate it into your virtual events.

realidad aumentada qué esmetaverse and webinars

What is a metaverse?

Metaverses are considered environments where we interact socially with other avatars or users. A fictional world that acts as a simulation of the real world, in which you decide the limitations. We develop personalized navigable worlds, adapted to the commercial objectives of your project. The metaverses make use of virtual reality or augmented reality, a sensory experience in which you can interact with three-dimensional content and additional information. Our metaverses are designed for your business, they accept different formats for playing videos, images, conferences or presentations.

1. Types of Metaverses

There are different types of metaverses with the use of virtual reality as the main focus of the experience. Navigable worlds where you can move freely throughout the experience, accessing from anywhere in the world.

1.1 Immersive Metaverse | WebVR 360

The vr 360 website is characterized by a totally immersive feeling. It offers the opportunity to visualize a 360 environment in which to go through a virtual or real space, achieving a free movement experience for the user. These types of pages are especially suitable for virtual events, real estate marketing or virtual congresses. They do not require the installation of plugins or external programs.

realidad aumentada qué esmetaverse and webinars

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1.2 Metaverse for Virtual Event

Users of a virtual event or virtual congress (engaged) are the smallest group of users, but the ones that probably generate the most profits. It is advisable to optimize user experiences to grow this segment. Measuring and improving the user's "engagement" in a virtual event by creating a 360 vr web page is a very profitable strategy in the medium term, but it requires constantly analyzing information. For this reason, we configure your set of technologies to include Google Analytics, or Heat Maps to determine what types of content are the most attractive so that you can easily access information and add additional solutions that offer value and knowledge.

WebVR 360

We develop web pages with virtual reality to be able to immerse yourself and interact in the navigable worlds. We use the most advanced technology on the market in all our projects. To achieve the best results, we program different components for optimal 3D website visualization: We program JavaScript, Shaders, GLSL, GPU... key elements for dynamic interactivity.

realidad aumentada qué esmetaverse and webinars

What is a WebVR 360?

A 3D web design focuses on the user experience, interactivity and participation in the content. To differentiate these technologies, we have separated them into three categories: Immersive Web Page, for immersion in a virtual environment through Reality glasses Virtual. 3D Product Web Page, ideal for inspecting a product during the pre-purchase period and intended for e-commerce sales. And finally, Interactive 3D Web Page, where virtual elements come to life.

2. Types of 3D Web

There are different 3D web formats with the use of virtual reality as the main focus of the experience. Our innovative and immersive platform will allow you to captivate your users, causing an emotional impact and allowing the visualization of 3D elements.

2.1 3D Web page for product | 3D Web Page

It is the most innovative way to sell products over the Internet and is especially suitable for stores and e-commerce. Our 3D web pages will allow you to view any product in 360º from 1 central rotation axis or even through augmented reality on mobile devices. In the world of retail, this technique is beginning to be used as part of the so-called virtual fitting rooms: It allows the product and its finishes to be customized and thus increase the level of "engagement" of users. Encourages recommendation, loyalty, reducing the bounce rate (abandonment of the page). From Pixeldreams we can import your 3D model using 3 techniques: Importing the 3D model from your own modeling software, 3D scanning of the part or using photogrammetry techniques.

realidad aumentada qué esmetaverse and webinars

2.2 Interactive 3D Web Page | 3D website

Our 3D web pages incorporate interactive content and 3D infographics that will be incredibly effective for user engagement. Users are hungry for quality content, so you have to satisfy that desire to increase their engagement. Through an interactive 3D web you will be able to consistently provide useful, valuable and attractive stories. Hubspot found that including infographics in content increases inbound links by an average of 178% and acquires 72% more views than any other piece of content. According to Visme research, visuals, layouts, and images lead to an 80% increase in read rate.

realidad aumentada qué esmetaverse and webinars
Benefits of the 3D Web and the Metaverse
  • Fully customized navigable worlds
  • Remote connection from any geographic location
  • Greater interaction with your users
  • Emotional impact, immersion in the content
  • Images and Videos in 360 degrees
  • Significantly increases the user experience
  • Innovation in the sale of services or products
  • Allows the display of 3D elements
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- PHASE 1: Script and Storytelling: We think of the best stories and ideas and develop them to turn them into manageable and professional projects. We create the script of the contents in collaboration with you. In this phase it is essential to design a good storytelling.

- PHASE 2: Storyboard: We put the script on a storyboard. It is the correct mode of exploration to better develop the idea and have the ideas in perspective. We will introduce you to the storyboard before we start modeling or animating in 3D.

- PHASE 3: Animatic: After capturing and structuring the idea, the next step is to make an animatic. It is a kind of prototype or animation draft to check that the desired effectiveness is being achieved.

- PHASE 4: Modeling, texturing, Lighting and Animation: With the animatic clear, we start the production itself: The design begins to be outlined to polish details and shape the animation. In this phase we will give you preview images of each animation keyframe so that together we can check the quality of the work before its completion.

- PHASE 5: Rendering, editing, sound and post-production:

- PHASE 6: Delivery: We prepare the 3D animations in any required format, to be exhibited on the Internet, Congresses, Fairs or Exhibitions with the highest quality levels, with or without voiceover if necessary. We have all the necessary experience to carry out your project.

ASK US FOR A QUOTE: Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of 3D animation: from the concept and the idea, through 3D modeling, texturing and animation of the contents, to its final distribution and publication. Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of custom projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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Areas of Application and links of interest:
    • Virtual Architecture and Interior Design.
    • Industrial design and machinery.
    • Medicine and Pharmacy.
    • Product and Advertising.
    • Attracting new consumers and increasing loyalty to the establishment.
    • Customer Experience: Create value from the emotional and relational perspective with customers.
    • Branding Marketing: Brand positioning and creation of notoriety.
  • e-commerce: Chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Contests and geolocated collectibles.
  • Activations and Loyalty Programs.
  • Geo Hunting: They allow a geographical segmentation of the target audience.
  • Social media: Encourages the recommendation through the RRSS
  • KPI's: Allows the management of metrics, kpi's and the measurement of results.
Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of custom projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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