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Remote 3D presentations

Remote 3D presentations

Turn your industrial product into a memorable memory by creating remote remote presentations and augmented reality.

We look in 3D technology and in augmented reality for the tools that allow us to be at the forefront of mobile marketing and offer immersive experiences and memorable moments.

We create applications that allow remote presentation of industrial products using augmented reality technology. Our applications allow you to interact with a product in 360º while inspecting it internally without needing your physical presence or your sales team. We also help you to create an emotional bond with your brand. Pixeldreams is a 3D animation company located in Barcelona specialized in 3D visualization for the fields of communication and mobile marketing. We explore all the possibilities, bringing together media, experiences and content to create the best 3D product presentations for the industry. 

  • Remote presentation for commercial teams with IP voice.
  • Simulation and Training for remote maintenance of equipment. 
  • Simulation for the prevention of occupational hazards. 
  • WOW effect: Generates a great emotional impact.
  • Customer Experience: Create value from an emotional and relational perspective with users.
  • Branding Marketing: Brand positioning and creation of notoriety.
  • Social media: Encourages recommendation and virality through RRSS
  • KPI's: Allows the management of metrics (kpi's) and the measurement of results.


- PHASE 1: Script and Storytelling: We think of the best solution and develop the idea to turn them into comprehensive and professional projects. We create the script of the contents in collaboration with you. In this phase it is essential to design a good storytelling.

- PHASE 2: Storyboard: We put the script on a storyboard. It is the correct mode of exploration to better develop the idea and have the ideas in perspective. We'll introduce you to the storyboard before you start modeling or animating in 3D. 

- PHASE 3: Animatic: After expressing and structuring the idea, the next step is to carry out an animatic. It is a kind of prototype or animation draft to check that the desired effectiveness is being achieved. 

- PHASE 4: Modeling, texturing, Lighting and Animation: With clear animatic, we start the production itself: The design begins to be outlined to polish details and give shape to the animation. In this phase we will give you preview images of each animation keyframe so that together we can check the quality of the work before its completion.  

- PHASE 5: Rendering, assembly, sound and post-production: 

- PHASE 6: Delivery: We prepare 3D animations in any required format, to be exhibited on the Internet, Congresses, Fairs or Exhibitions with the highest levels of quality, with or without voice over in if necessary. We have all the necessary experience to carry out your project.

ASK US FOR A BUDGET:  Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of the remote virtual presentation, from the concept and the idea, through 3D modeling, texturing and animation of the contents, until their final distribution and installation.
Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of tailor-made projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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