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Are you an agency and have a project?

Pixel Dreams Projects

Promotional marketing for the Pharma sector. Viewing 3D Anatomical Models

Grupo Asis and Sanofi commission Pixeldreams to create an interactive web application to promote an anti-inflammatory drug for dogs.

Previcox is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for the relief of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in the dog. Dogs with inflammatory diseases that also present with pain usually require prolonged treatment and many anti-inflammatories cannot be used for that long or are not effective. Previcox is useful in these cases; In addition to being anti-inflammatory, it is a good pain reliever that helps the dog feel better and recover before surgeries.
The objective of the application was to create a web application for 360º visualization of canine anatomy for the best prescription of the drug, thus creating loyalty to the veterinarian with valuable content for their daily practice. The goal in creating the 3D tool was to help Sanofi create and maintain responsible and sustainable business relationships with its customers through customized solutions.
Relationship marketing is a type of marketing whose main objective is not the immediate transaction but to establish lasting relationships with its target. Relationship marketing is a discipline that seeks to create and develop close and lasting relationships with customers, so that both they and the company obtain mutual benefits during said relationship.
In today's market, technology plays a key role in creating customer loyalty programs.
— Alex Mas
From Pixeldreams we help you create relationship marketing applications that adapt to the needs of your customers. Good loyalty software can provide the company with the necessary data to identify repeat customers and thus be able to reward their loyalty. We incorporate systems for obtaining metrics and monitoring to be able to offer a good after-sales service and obtain data on purchasing behaviors to offer services, plans or discounts.
Loyalty programs play a fundamental role in making the company more competitive and generating user satisfaction. When designing a good strategy that encourages and supports the best consumer experience, companies must understand exactly how their customers interact with them through each step of the purchase decision process, known as the "customer journey."
Increasingly, users do not separate product marketing, or marketing from the experience they perceive in each interaction with the brand. Each step can be decisive for them to continue shopping or for them to forget to visit the store for a while.
When analyzing the customer journey on the Internet, the different interactions that the user makes in the App should seek the best experience on the Internet for their customers.
Asis Group
Creation of a promotional App
  • Virtual Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Educaction
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    Creación de un spot promocional con animación 3d
    1 year

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