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Stereoscopic Vision - 3D Video for CYD


Stereoscopic Vision - 3D Video for CYD

The foundation contacted pixeldreams to develop a 3D corporate video using stereoscopic vision to capture the interest and attract the attention of its attendees during the presentation of its new CYD 2023 Report.

The event was chaired by the Minister of Education Pilar Alegría, and the president of the foundation, Ana Botín. An event held at the Casa de América in Madrid, and led by the illusionist Jorge Luengo, which was also attended by the general director of the CYD Foundation, Manuel Cermerón.

Our objective was to highlight, using motion graphics techniques, the main statistical and global characteristics of all the universities, providing a WOW effect thanks to the projection of stereoscopic 3D elements that seem to protrude from the plane of the screen, achieving greater immersion in the content.

Within the context of stereoscopic video vision, pixeldreams used active glasses that unfold their magic by offering an unmatched 3D experience. They allow you to perceive the depth, details and dimension in each frame, transporting the viewer to the very heart of the visual narrative. Whether presenting architectural projects, exploring virtual environments or enjoying educational content, active stereoscopic glasses take immersion to an unprecedented level.

What is stereoscopic vision?

In the era of visual innovation, stereoscopic vision stands as a powerful tool that redefines the three-dimensional perception of images. But what really is stereoscopic vision? In simple terms, it is a technique that simulates depth and perspective by presenting two slightly different images to each eye. This creates the illusion of three-dimensionality, providing a more immersive and captivating visual experience.

vision estereóscopicaestereoscópica visión

What is the stereoscopic vision presented in the CYD Report?

The stereoscopic vision that we develop in CYD's 3D corporate video is based on the creation of 3D elements that relate the brain's ability to merge two slightly different images, generating a three-dimensional perception. This process mimics the way our eyes naturally see the world, allowing for a more faithful and immersive representation of reality. What is stereoscopic vision? Our precise and advanced technique ensures that every detail of your visual content is perceived with unique depth, highlighting the essence of your message in an unmatched way.

Stereoscopic Vision with Active Glasses for CYD

Active stereoscopic glasses operate in tune with the screen's refresh rate, achieving a synchronized and interference-free viewing experience. Each lens of the glasses alternately darkens and brightens, coordinated with the images projected on the screen. This rapid blinking, imperceptible to the human eye, ensures that each eye receives the specific image intended for it at the precise moment.

CYD Stereoscopic Vision
Thanks to stereoscopic vision, we managed to generate the WOW effect in those attending the presentation of the report, capturing their interest and concluding in a successful presentation.
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Uses and Applications of stereoscopic vision

The versatility of stereoscopic vision is amazing and translates into a wide range of applications. From business presentations to scientific projects, this technology has left a deep mark on various fields. At Pixeldreams, we have perfected its implementation to offer images for stereoscopic vision, opening doors to unexplored opportunities. From creating virtual environments to applying stereoscopic vision in photogrammetry, our team of experts is ready to take your visual content to the next level.

Active Stereoscopic Glasses

These types of “headsets” represent the gateway to a three-dimensional journey, where every detail comes to life with astonishing clarity. Optical devices designed to synchronize with images projected on a screen, generating a three-dimensional visual experience.

Unlike passive glasses, which use polarized filters, active stereoscopic glasses use electronic technology to quickly switch between images intended for each eye. This process, known as active shutter, allows for sharp, high-fidelity stereoscopic viewing.

vision estereoscópicaestereoscopica vision

At Pixeldreams, we understand the importance of standing out in a saturated market. Our experience in developing 3D corporate videos with stereoscopic vision provides a unique competitive advantage. Do you want your next business presentation to capture attention and leave a lasting impression? Look no further, contact us. Take the step into the future of visual presentations with Pixeldreams: where innovation and creativity converge to tell your story in a unique way.

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