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Proyects: Virtual Reality

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Projects: Virtual Reality

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Are you an agency and have a project?

Virtual reality

Discover our virtual reality projects for your company or business.

Our virtual reality projects will allow you to reach new markets and customers by showing your new products/services. Our simulations make use of a mathematical model programmed in a computer, in order to reach conclusions applicable to the real world and respond to criteria of objectivity, scientific rigor and clarity in the exposition.

Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of the VR experience: from the design, 3D animation and programming of the contents, to its publication and distribution in the market places (Google Play & Applestore). Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of customized projects.

Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual Reality has gained great importance in the world of entertainment and also in B2B marketing for companies. The Virtual Reality services offered by Pixeldreams are oriented to cover all the needs of a company: Marketing and Sales, Training, Remote Assistance, Technological Events, Virtual Tours, Simulation of clinical cases, mechanisms of action, etc. At Pixel Dreams we are specialists in creating virtual reality games (gamification) to boost communication in business and educational environments. Below we present a selection of the most interesting works carried out for different clients:

01. Virtual Archeology | The Virtual Almoloya | UAB

Scientific project of 3D Archeology for the virtual reconstruction of a town of the Argar culture (Bronze Age - years 2200-1550 BC) in the Murciano de Pliego municipality. The Argar culture spread through the southeast of the peninsula, occupying the provinces of Almería and Murcia, as well as parts of Granada, Jaén and Alicante.

Pixeldreams' work consisted of carrying out intense Virtual Archeology work to reconstruct the fortified access, the square-plan houses built with stone and adobe, and represent a burial inside one of the palatial rooms of the complex. The utensils of daily life and the weapons of the time were also represented. The project was directed by the Department of Prehistory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and was financed with FEDER funds for regional development.

proyectos realidad virtualproyectos realidad virtual

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02. Virtual Reality applied to Medicine | Sysmex Spain

Sysmex Spain S.L. is a company specialized in in-vitro diagnostics. Founded in 2010, it focuses on cancer diagnosis. Today it is among the leading medical diagnostic companies in Europe and a world leader in hematology diagnostics and services. Pixeldreams' work consisted of the 3D reproduction of one of the laboratories that the company has in Barcelona to be able to interact with medical teams in the environment of a fair.

See Sysmex Virtual Reality

proyectos realidad virtualproyectos realidad virtual

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03. Virtual Reality Therapy | VR Pharma

First Virtual Reality (VR) solution designed for use in hospitals with the aim of improving the patient experience during medical procedures. The main objective of this project was the design and programming of a virtual reality therapy application to reduce the levels of anxiety and pain perception of child patients, through an innovative Plug&Play system.

See Virtual Reality Therapy VR Pharma

proyectos realidad virtualproyectos realidad virtual

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04.Virtual Reality Games | The league

Itinerant school project of immersive experience called Futura Afición aimed at students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school. During their participation in the project, the students make visible the problem of violence and inappropriate behavior in soccer and learn strategies to combat it. Pixeldreams designed different virtual and augmented reality games with the aim of putting the positive values of sport into practice. This is a perfect example of the application of virtual reality in education as it is a support for educational centers that want to educate in values as a prevention strategy.

See Virtual Reality Experiences La Liga

proyectos realidad virtualproyectos realidad virtual

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05. Renderings for Interiors | Natural gas

Gas Natural and the company Anthesis commissioned Pixeldreams to carry out interior renderings for the creation of a virtual environment in Escape Room VR format to encourage the use of good practices in the field of energy efficiency. NEDGIA, in collaboration with the Naturgy Foundation, was the promoter of this itinerant educational program called "Fungastic". Fungastic mentions the three main axes of the proposal: fun, learning about gas energy and new technologies applied to education. The initiative, in which more than 6,000 primary and secondary school students from all over Spain participated, includes various activities adapted to the different stages to also publicize the new uses of natural gas such as sustainable mobility or renewable gas.

See Interior Renderings for Natural Gas

proyectos realidad virtualproyectos realidad virtual

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06. 360 photography for virtual tour | Gartner

Virtual tour project using interactive 360º photography to show the new offices of the GARTNER consultancy in Barcelona. Gartner Inc. is an information technology research and consulting company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. It was founded in 1979; and currently has 5,300 employees, including 1,250 analysts and clients in 85 countries around the world. In this project we show the realization of an interactive virtual tour by taking more than 100 panoramic photographs. This technique, also known as VR (Virtual Reality) photography, allows to capture a space from multiple photographic angles, which allows the user to live the experience of being there.

See 360 Photography Gartner

Ver Fotografia 360 Gartner

proyectos realidad virtualproyectos realidad virtual

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VR Game for Point of Sale Activation

We have had the opportunity to develop a virtual reality experience to promote the new Bugaboo Butterfly urban stroller. A simulation in a 360 degree racing game format, in which the car and the player are the protagonists. An immersive adventure designed for all the participants of the promotional event that is currently taking place at El Corte Inglés. Do you dare to try it?

See Bugaboo VR Game

Examples of virtual reality applications

We are pioneers in the use of virtual reality applied to medicine, 360º tours through 360º photography for the real estate sector, tourism or virtual reality applied to education.

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