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Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual Reality Videos

360º video allows to generate a greater communicative impact by having an immersive vision of reality. We even use drones to shoot 360 and get impossible shots.

360º video allows to generate a greater communicative impact by having an immersive vision of reality. We even use drones to shoot 360 and get impossible shots.

What is a 360 video?  A 360º video is a type of video that is produced and recorded using a special camera that captures reality in an immersive way, in 360º. We produce and program them to be incorporated into your website with the aim that users can rotate within them in all directions of the space and have a first-person experience of the space. They are extremely easy to use, and being interactive, they allow the incorporation of navigation labels to navigate between panoramas or enriched digital information in any part of the route. Our most advanced version allows viewing through virtual reality glasses (360 vr videos), or the possibility of walking (rt technology), obtaining a much more immersive experience. 

How does it work ?:
We work with multiplatform systems, so there are different distribution and publication options:
  1. On the one hand, we can host the 360 ​​videos on YouTube and then embed them on your website to make them public.
  2. We can create an App and host them in an application for mobile devices and that they are distributed through Google Play & Apple Store using Virtual Reality glasses.
  3. We can install them locally on any computer for private presentations: There are many possibilities as well as glasses of different formats and qualities that go from 900 euros to cardboard (Google cardboard) of just a couple of euros and to be given away through marketing promotional. We adapt each solution to the needs of each company. 

Benefits of a 360º video :
  • Immersion: They allow more effective communication of complex content.
  • WOW effect and attraction of new visitors in events and content presentation.
  • Customer Experience: Create value from an emotional and relational perspective with users.
  • Brannding Marketing: Brand positioning and creation of notoriety.
  • Social media: Encourage recommendation through RRSS
  • KPI's: Allows the management of metrics, kpi's and the measurement of results.

1 - See examples - Virtual product showrooms: By using virtual reality glasses, a user can enter a virtual product showroom and interact with the 3D models freely. Our technology also allows remote assistance or assistance to virtual meeting rooms between several users at the same time, (through avatars and IP voice) so that one company can make a remote presentation of a product to another.

2 - See examples - 360º aerial filming using drones: We have experience in the use of drones for aerial filming and the generation of 360º virtual flights. The user has the sensation of flying suspended in the drone while being able to look in all directions of space.

3 - See examples - Virtual tours of architecture and interiors:  Pixeldreams produces reports using 360º interior photography for the real estate development and architecture sector.

4 - See example - 360º Filming Concerts and sporting events:  Pixeldreams carries out the live broadcast via streaming of 360º content

ASK US FOR A BUDGET:  Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of the experience: from the design and animation of the content, to its publication and distribution in market places (Google Play & Applestore). Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of tailor-made projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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