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Interactive 360º Virtual Visits

Interactive 360º Virtual Visits

We produce 360º virtual tours for all types of interior design companies as well as 3D infographics for real estate development.

The 360º virtual tours allow generating a greater spatial understanding of a home by placing the future buyer at the center of the action.

What is a 360º virtual tour? 
It is basically a spherical panoramic image with the added element of interactivity. Also known as VR (Virtual Reality) photography, spherical photography, or virtual photo tour, this technique can capture a location from multiple photographic angles. When we at Pixeldreams produce a 360-degree spherical image, we capture every point around us and in all directions in space, allowing the user to live the experience of being there. 

How does it work ?:  
Its use is as simple as moving the mouse simulating the rotational movement of the head. The user can also download an application from Google Play or Apple Store, from which point they can start interacting with the property using virtual reality glasses. 

  • Productivity improvement: With a virtual tour, the agency can quickly and easily filter the properties that meet the needs of the clients and avoid unnecessary trips to the properties. In an absolutely connected world, no one wants to waste time - not the customers, not the agents. A 360º indoor photo is a very efficient way to optimize time. If a property is virtually liked, it is very likely that the face-to-face visit will be a success and the property in question will become the ideal option for the client.
  • It will add a lot of value to the website: Knowing that 80% of the requests come through the internet, it is easy to see how important it is to have a visual presentation of the properties. Virtual tours are becoming more and more popular and are already practically normalized in real estate marketing: They increase stay times, increase clicks, lower abandonment rates and therefore increase recurrence.


1 - See examples -  Virtual decoration and finish configurators: Through a simple web browser or the use of virtual reality glasses, a user can access the home and interact with the furniture and finishes to choose the best combination possible. Our technology allows remote assistance to virtual meeting rooms and between several users at the same time, (through avatars and IP voice) so that a company can perform the remote presentation of the property. 

2 - See examples -  360º drone aerial filming: We have experience in the use of drones for aerial filming and the generation of 360º virtual flights. The user has the sensation of flying suspended in the drone, being able to visit the property from the air. 

3 - See examples - Virtual Tours through 360º photography:  Pixeldreams produces reports using 360º interior photography for the real estate development and architecture sector.

4 - See examples - Virtual tours using 3D infographics.They are those 360º images or videos but generated entirely by computer that allow to simulate the future finishes and distributions of a space with a high degree of realism. This type of real estate marketing allows, for example, to integrate a virtual configurator or decorator on the client's site so that he can decide on possible combinations of materials and finishes. This type of virtual tours allow a greater interactivity of the user and the taking of shots in movement both land and air without limitations. ASK US FOR A BUDGET:  

Pixeldreams carries out the entire conception of the experience: from the design and animation of the content, to its publication and distribution in market places (Google Play & Applestore). Tell us more about your company and your needs. We are specialists in the creation of this type of tailor-made projects. Write to us at: alex@pixeldreams.info

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