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Proyects: Web VR 360 Projects

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Projects: Web VR 360 Projects

The 5 best ideas for your fair or event.
Are you an agency and have a project?

WEB VR 360

Creation of web pages with 3D Web Page immersive visualization techniques.

Our approach is aimed at creating custom projects for Communication, Marketing and Company Events. Our 3D web designs allow free navigation in real time through fictional scenarios that allow free interaction with the product. The technology used is through the use of any browser or Virtual Reality glasses. We create navigable virtual showrooms in virtual Web format to take your company's communication to the next level. In short, we create immersive fictional worlds to make your events a memorable experience.

Web with Augmented Reality

01. WEB 3D - Precision 1 - Alcon International:

Web VR 360 for the World Launch of Precision1 Contact Lenses. These contact lenses are the latest innovation from Alcon International and feature "Smartsurface" technology, which generates a highly moistened and lubricated lens surface. The objective was to present the Precision1 as ideal lenses for people who have a high pace of life. web vrweb vr

Test Project

Pixeldreams created a 360º vr web inside a park and navigable format (3d web page) for 1500 opticians from Spain and Portugal, where the elements of the campaign and the benefits of the product were exhibited. The public of the event was directed into a virtual glass set through interactive hotspots where the conference was broadcast using augmented reality. The public was able to ask the speaker questions through a live chat system. See project

0.2 Virtual Web

V Edition of VELèctric 2021 -Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Fair Reus City Council (Tarragona) Velèctric is the fair promoted by the Reus City Council that aims to join the efforts of the City Council, car dealers and other companies linked to mobility to bring citizens closer to electric and hybrid vehicles. The exhibition takes place annually in Plaça de la Llibertat during the spring, but during 2021 and due to the pandemic, it was held in a 3d web format. Pixeldreams was the company chosen to create this virtual event through an innovative 3d web page system that allows free navigation and interaction with the stands to request information from exhibitors virtually. Reus City Council has drawn up the Electric Mobility Plan for the city to define a strategy and turn Reus into one of the leading cities in southern Europe in this field. web vrweb vr

See project

0.3 Web vr 360 - Total 30 - Alcon

Campaign with the claim: "The Joy of Notihing" aimed at international opticians for the launch of "Total 30", a reusable lens for 30 days with water gradient technology; a technology patented by Alcon International. With the aim of increasing the ratio of "engagement" during the virtual event, we defined with the company C&D the emotional attributes of the brand and decided to promote them by drawing inspiration from the Salar de Uyuni, a lake of water and salt in Bolivia that allows you to walk for a few days a year, creating a very magical mirror effect. web vrweb vr

See Project

The final format was a 3D web that allowed users to walk freely on top of the water through a virtual and weightless computer-generated landscape. As users navigated in 360º, ripples were magically created in the water and they were allowed to download the campaign documents. The opticians were directed towards the interior of a virtual glass set, as a floating element on the lake itself, where the closing act took place. See project.

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